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4 Days Tanzania Luxury Safari

4 Days Luxury Safari In Tanzania



4 Days Tanzania Luxury Safari

This 4-day luxury safari around Tanzania’s beautiful Northern Circuit will provide a fabulous insight into the incredible landscapes and wildlife of the country, with mighty Tarangire first on your list, world-renowned Serengeti sandwiched in between, and gorgeous Ngorongoro Conservation Area with its incomparable crater as your finale.

4 Days Tanzania Luxury Safari Itinerary

Day 1: Kilimanjaro International Airport – Arusha

You will be picked up at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) by a Zaita Tours representative. You’ll be driven to your Arusha accommodation and briefed on your planned safari after that. Have a good night’s sleep before setting off on your journey the next day!

Accommodation: Gran Meliá Arusha

Day 2: Arusha – Tarangire National Park 

In the morning after breakfast (around 8:00 a.m.) your driver-guide will arrive at the hotel and inform the receptionist that he is waiting for you. After meeting up with your driver you will travel to Tarangire National Park, and by 10:00 a.m. you will already be on your first safari! Tarangire is huge. As you stand at the park gate and look south, it stretches as far as the eye can see.

Known as the ‘Elephant Playground,’ this spectacular park contains the largest population of these mighty mammals. But Tarangire is also home to buffalo, lion, zebra, and gazelle and the park can rival Serengeti for sheer animal densities. What might you see today? Perhaps a solitary male lion stretched out beneath a tree, perhaps a trio of male cheetah enjoying some lazy bonding time in the sun. Maybe some graceful Grant’s gazelle or zebra bounding away from the road or a couple of giraffes munching happily from the choicest acacia branches. For Tarangire specialties, look out for kudu and oryx.

Here as in other parks, it pays not to ignore the small animals. It is so easy to be mesmerized by the power and majesty of an elephant or the elegance of the giraffe. Ask your guide to find you an agama lizard, especially a male one who changes color in front of you according to the temperature! Or a hyrax an insignificant-looking creature of around 30 cm in length…who astonishingly is related to an elephant!

Not many trees will pass you by without something of avian interest catching your eye. A memorable flash of color might be a lilac-breasted roller or superb starling. Ostrich is plentiful and it is hard not to chuckle at the sighting of the well-named, studious-looking secretary bird as it awkwardly pads across the grasslands.

The park is also famous for its noble baobab trees, rolling savannah, and acacia woodland. It can be dusty – wear a scarf over your mouth – but this is a minor inconvenience for sighting wildlife in such abundance. After an extensive game drive and a picnic lunch, you will leave the park to make your way to the cooler regions of the Ngorongoro highlands. You will overnight at the Kitela Lodge.

Accommodation: Kitela Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast will be provided by your Arusha hotel. Lunch will be a nutritious and balanced meal, also provided by the hotel for you to take out on safari. Your evening meal will be a full, cooked dinner at the Kitela Lodge.

Day 3: Tarangire – Serengeti National Park

After breakfast, you will set off for your next destination, the stunning Serengeti National Park, a distance of 166 km and a journey time of around 3 ½ hours. By late morning, you will reach Serengeti, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the country’s oldest and most celebrated national park, and take a game drive.

There are surely not many better places on earth to see such quantities and variety of wildlife. You will absorb the breath-taking scenery, fantastic changing light, and – of course – spot the many animals choosing to make their home here. Your dedicated driver guide will be delighted to share with you his knowledge of this incredible place and its flora and fauna. With thousands of predators – and their prey numbering in the hundreds of thousands – it is no surprise that there is always something fascinating happening amongst the wildlife populations.

Your driver-guide may find you lion, leopard, elephant, zebra, cheetah, and antelope on today’s safari… just some of the many species here. Snap off some memorable photos, but don’t forget to simply take a deep breath and enjoy nature in its real-time, raw beauty. After the game drive, you will be taken to your accommodation for some welcome rest, your evening meal and to spend the night.

Accommodation: Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast is served at your Karatu accommodation, which will also prepare your lunch to be enjoyed by you out on safari. Your evening meal will be a full, cooked dinner created by the chef and his team at the Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge.

Day 4: Serengeti – Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Following breakfast, you will have a morning game drive in amazing Serengeti, marveling at its animal inhabitants. With its informative visitor center, the Seronera area of Central Serengeti is the national park’s most popular area. And it is very popular with the wildlife, too. The Seronera river enjoys year-round water flow, so there is always something of interest to observe.

Several game drives can be undertaken here and might reveal lions in sizeable pride, hippo, or herds of elephants – whose populations in the park have risen in recent times. Depending on other attractions, you may choose to call in at the Serengeti Visitor Centre, where there is an excellent explanation of the park’s ecosystem and a chance to understand the history of conservation in this area.

In particular, you will find out about the work of Bernhard Grzimek and the Frankfurt Zoological Society who had the foresighted vision of preserving the Serengeti’s eco-system. Even at the center, you may well find wildlife: populations of hyrax and mongoose, as well as many small bird species. After lunch, you will head south-east towards Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

If it has not already struck you with its vastness, Serengeti’s ‘endless plains’ will make a deep impression on you as you will take the long, straight road which passes Simba Kopjes (famous from ‘The Lion King’) to reach Naabi Hill Gate, close to the divide between Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Here you can gather information at the gate’s visitor center, clamber up the hill for superb views back over the plains, or look out for a colorful agama lizard among the rocks.

Accommodation: Lion’s Paw Camp

Meal Plan: Breakfast is enjoyed at the Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge. Lunch will be a nutritious and balanced meal, enjoyed at Serengeti. Your dinner will be a first-class cooked meal at the Lion’s Paw Camp.

Day 5: Ngorongoro Crater – Arusha

From your accommodation, you will set off after breakfast, a 6 am departure to reach the rim, and then descend into the vast crater itself. At one side there’s the Lerai Forest, a classic mountain forest landscape with almost tropical characteristics. This is good elephant country, so keep your eyes peeled. By the side of the nearby swampland is what is sometimes called the ‘elephant graveyard’ as the mighty male tuskers at the end of their lives come to chew on the soft, swampland grasses once their teeth have failed them.

The crater has a population of around 120 lions, with well-defined territories; 15,000, 9,000 zebra, 400 hyenas, and around 50 black rhino. Many gnu and other herd animals are resident, benefiting from the many sources of year-round waters and are boosted by some migrators in season. Buffalo, Serval, Jackal, Thomson’s gazelle, and eland are also present in numbers. Hippos can be found in pools and swampland and highland birdlife is colorful and plentiful around the waters. Flamingos can often be seen in Lake Magadi, which occupies part of the crater floor. After your morning game drive in this stunning crater and then lunch, you will have a 3-hour journey, covering the 193 km back to Arusha.

Meal Plan: Breakfast is served at your accommodation at Ngorongoro. Lunch will be prepared by the Ngorongoro accommodation and enjoyed after your morning game drive before you drive back to Arusha. As today is the end of our luxury safari, please note that dinner tonight is not included in the tour.


Arrival and Departure Transfer:

  • FROM/TO; Kilimanjaro International Airport


  • 4X4 Custom built – Toyota Land Cruiser with pop-up roof, Opening sliding windows, Seat belts, Heavy duty wheels, and Extra fuel tank. Refrigerator for cooling drinks, One pair of binoculars per couple, Eco-friendly trash bag. Charging outlets Type G Plug for charging cameras and smartphones.

Trip Crew:

  • Professional, English-Speaking Driver guide. A Friendly, Experienced, and Passionate Driver Guide expert at a wide variety of skills: Flora and Fauna, Tanzania’s cultural and natural history.


  • 1 night in Arusha, 3 nights on Safari
  • 1st night – Gran Meliá Arusha
  • Half Board (Dinner, Breakfast)
  • 2nd night – Kitela Lodge
  • Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, Picnic lunch box)
  • 3rd night – Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge
  • Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, Picnic lunch box)
  • 4th night – Lion’s Paw Camp Tented Lodge
  • Full Board (Dinner, Breakfast, Picnic lunch box)

Park Entrance Fee:

  • Park fee for Tarangire National Park
  • Park fee for Serengeti National Park
  • Park fee for Ngorongoro Crater
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