How Much Does A Tanzania Safari Cost?

One of the most gorgeous experiences you will have in your life is going to Tanzania for a safari trip. Safaris here are magical experiences where you can see some of the most beautiful animals and spectacular landscapes in the world. But how much does it cost and what are the prices in Tanzania for a safari?

We can give you some guidelines. The costs vary a great deal and rely on different factors, especially the tour operator that organizes them. This article will address exactly what these variables, and the actual cost of a safari, are.

Tanzania Safari Cost

All Factors For Safari Cost in Tanzania

Tour costs in Tanzania can range from several hundred US Dollars, depending on a variety of factors that have a greater or lesser effect on the associated costs.

Some of these factors are:

Tour duration:

The longer you go to Tanzania, the more the safari becomes costly. Compared to a 3 to 7 days trip, a safari of many days will cost substantially high. A shorter itinerary can be chosen for those planning a budget safari. It’s not a bad idea, as in just 4 days, you can visit the Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, and Lake Manyara national park and enjoy memorable game drives.

However, a longer itinerary is more fruitful as Tanzania has so much to offer and not less than a week or more is required to cover all the magical destinations of this East African country that must be seen.

Several parks visited:

The total cost of the safari will have a significant impact on what destinations you choose to visit in Tanzania. Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater charge about $70 park entrance fee, which is higher than the $50 park entrance fee charged by Arusha, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire National Parks. And it’ll be higher if you need to enter the crater field about $300 will be added to the cost of your safari.

Use of domestic flights:

Some of our routes include domestic flights that are necessary for Zanzibar to be reached. This is a factor that greatly raises the cost of a safari in Tanzania.

Additional Activities:

During our safaris, you can choose to do certain additional activities depending on your preferences, which may increase the price of the safari. The safari cost includes all transfers, such as the airport, to your accommodation pick-up or to the place where you were picked up by your guide.

If you need extra cars, a cross-country safari, or you need to fly between parks, you will be required to pay for two cars on a given day. International flight costs are not included in our safari packages.

Number of people/ Number of travelers

A solo safari is substantially more costly than a group safari. Our deals are specifically tailored for groups of up to 6 people, with a minimum of 2 people. For example, compared to a solo trip, an itinerary with 4 people allows for savings of about 15 percent.

Type of accommodation:

Whether you choose a luxury stay or a budget accommodation, the price of your safari will be determined in great detail. There are different types of accommodation for all budgets in Tanzania, ranging from camping to budget lodges and tent camps to luxury properties.

Season: Time of the year;

Costs differ depending on whether the safari is carried out in the high or low season, as in any holiday destination. Prices during the peak season are high from June to August and from December to February.

Safari Costs Per Day

The average cost for a safari in Tanzania starts at around $ 200 per person per night for a budget camping safari. A mid-range budget lodge safari costs about $ 300 per person per day, including all expenses. And a tailor-made private lodge safari costs about $350 to $400 per person per day, making it a surprisingly affordable choice. But for the most luxurious lodge and camps in Tanzania, safari costs can go all the way up to $ 1500 per night.

For example, for 5 nights in the peak season at public camping a Tanzania budget safari costs between $ 1,000 and $ 1,250 per person ($ 200 x 5 nights).

How Much Does A Safari Cost? 1

Know the best time of the year to visit Tanzania

On the contrary, the long rains between mid-April and May are often avoided. And the short rains in November to a much lesser extent. Therefore costs are markedly lower. Look at times such as June or January and February for the shoulder season. Especially when the budget is a factor.

In Tanzania, there is plenty of resident wildlife throughout the year. And there will be significantly fewer safari crowds. Also, you may like to know the best time to see the Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti 

Peak Season:  Is usually July to October, sometimes it includes June, sometimes October is slightly cheaper.

Shoulder Season:  Varies a lot by camp but typically January to March, November to mid-December & June, sometimes October.

Low Season (Rainy):  Varies by camp but always April & May, sometimes late March & sometimes November.

 Safari Costs All Inclusive

We have arranged itineraries in Tanzania at low prices to meet the needs of everyone so that everyone can enjoy this unique Tanzania experience. Many people are looking for an all-inclusive Tanzania safari. But the nature of a safari is that it does include everything.

Usually, all meals, teas & coffees, game activities, 4×4 vehicle, park entry fees, Conservation fees, Crater Entry fees ( where applicable), ranger fees where applicable, and water during the safari are included in the package costs. The exact nature of “all-inclusive” varies from lodge to lodge, and the more moderate lodges and safari lodges may not include drinks. But Luxury lodges will usually include house wines, spirits, and soft drinks.

Most of the safari activities will be included, but there are some obvious exceptions to this. These are usually large ticket items, such as a hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti. (Though you may ask to add this as an extra.) Also, there is a wide range of optional activities, such as coffee farm tours, visits to the Masai community, and guided walks in the Highlands of Ngorongoro Crater.

How Much Does A Safari Cost? 2

Conclusion for a Tanzania Safari Cost

If a safari is too expensive, it is NOT due to the excess profits made by the safari experts. The safari industry is too competitive to take an excessive profit margin! The only way to reduce costs is by looking at the factors mentioned above. Take a look at the time of year to travel. Look at the mode of travel. But if you tell us what you can spend (and when you want to travel), we immediately know what we need to do.

But if this is your first time on a safari in Tanzania, you’re not going to be disappointed. The cost of a Tanzania safari is going to be worth it – with superb game-viewing, stunning safari terrain, and friendly people! It’s one of Africa’s safari gems.

You’ll experience the best of Tanzania Safari Tours affordably. For choosing Zaita Tours we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Now please call us to book today your safari packages in Tanzania!