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Camping Safari

Tanzania Camping Safaris

You’ll be immersed in the East African environment on our adventure camping safaris. You’ll travel on rocky, winding roads, pass through small rural communities, and witness interesting landscapes and rich wildlife.
A camping safari is an affordable way to see East Africa’s nature, animals, and cultures. For those with a small budget, this page is the right point for you.

What should you expect on an Adventure Camping Safari?

Camping Safari In Tanzania

You’ll either stay in public campgrounds within the park or private campgrounds on the outside. Because the campgrounds in the parks are not fenced, elephants may walk through the tents.

Preparations for the area where you going to get rest are made on arrival at the campsite. We use waterproof tents as accommodation all the time when you are on the safari our tents keep only two people with mesh on each window.

Strong camping furniture such as tables, safari chairs, and useful cutlery and tableware are included, as well as comfortable 5 cm thick sleeping mattresses. Our camping gear is of the highest quality, and it is examined and repaired regularly.

You’ll also be accompanied by a professional safari cook who will look after your needs. He will cook all meals, including a picnic lunch, regularly. Breakfast with eggs and sausages, coffee and bread, snacks, and dinners with stews and salads

You can just relax and enjoy your vacation because the camp and meals will be set up and prepared for you.

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