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How much does a safari in Tanzania cost

How much does a safari in Tanzania cost

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Tanzania Safari Cost 2022 -2023

So, how much does it cost to go on a safari in Tanzania? A Tanzania safari costs around $ 200 USD per person per day on average.

  • Budget Tanzania safari price is: $ 200 per person per day
  • Midrange Price: is from $ 350 USD per person per day.
  • Tanzania Luxury Safari Price: is $ 600 USD per person per day.

Below, we have covered costs by destinations, time of the year, accommodation, addon safaris, and mode of transport.


Tanzania Safari Cost By Destination

Serengeti Safari Prices (US$ 70 – US$ 650)

  • Entrance Fees: Peak Season costs $70 USD,  Low Season Costs $ 60 USD per person
  • 1 Day safari Serengeti costs from: $ 350 USD per person
  • 2 Day Safari Costs from $ 600 USD per person
  • 3 Day Serengeti Safari from: $ 650 USD per person
    Serengeti is famous for the wildebeest migration, the Animal lists include, elephants, lions, cheetah, leopard, hippos, buffalo, giraffes, and Zebras.

Serengeti is Tanzania’s largest and most famous National park with great wildlife and various hectares of savannah. It is located in Northern Tanzania and was established in 1951 and covers 14,763 sq km of large savanna grasslands, dotted with acacia trees. The park is home to the greatest wildlife and receives over 350,000 tourists per year. The Serengeti is famously known for the annual Great migration whereby thousands of wildebeests together with other animals like the elands, zebras, gazelle, and impalas move around the park throughout the year in search of better and new grazing lands and water. Amazingly as these wildebeests migrate also predators including the wild cats are finding their way to prey.

There are various activities that can be done in Serengeti such as balloon safaris over the park; 6 people these safaris can be done throughout the year- this is an amazing experience whereby you can view the park well and also do photography, balloons used here carry 16 people and there are added services like a drive through the park and champagne breakfast in the bush. Other activities include; Luxury Safaris, Birding Safaris, Wedding Safaris, Wildlife Safaris, Camping Safaris. Over 500 bird species are found in the park and many of these are found in swampy areas. Other animals found in the park except the wildebeests are lions, bat-eared foxes, leopards, jackals, cheetahs, hyenas.

Serengeti can be visited any time in the year however the best months for wildlife viewing are between December and June. The best time for viewing the Great Migration is through May to July, though still this event can be viewed any time in the year since they move from place to play and their patterns are predictable by the park rangers in most cases they know where to find these animals. You can get to Serengeti by air (using flights), car hire or you can go through tour operators.

Serengeti Safari Tour

Ngorongoro Safari Prices (US$ 70 – US$ 600)

  • Entrance Fees: Peak Season costs $70 USD,  Low Season Costs $ 60 USD per person
  • 1 Day Safari Ngorongoro Costs From $280 USD
  • 2 Day Ngorongoro safari Costs from $395 USD
  • 3 Day Ngorongoro Safari Costs from $600 USD

Ngorongoro Conservation area is located in the North of Tanzania 180 km west of Arusha town between Lake Manyara and Serengeti. It was established in 1959 and is one of Tanzania’s famous wildlife viewing areas (meet the Big 5 here) and also home to the popular Ngorongoro volcanic crater which is where its name is derived from.

Ngorongoro Volcano was once among the world’s tallest volcanoes not until it erupted forming the Ngorongoro crater- This is a huge and vast volcanic crater approximately 20km wide and was formed around 2.5 million years ago. It is home to thousands of wildlife such as the gazelles, lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos, hippos (in Lake Magadi) however the zebras and wildebeests are the biggest percentage of animals in the crater. This area is a superb place for birding especially near Lake Magadi various birds like the Pink Flamingoes have made it home. Also, meet the endangered Black rhinos which are found in this place. Lodging in this area is available from the luxury lodges such as the Ngorongoro Serena safari lodge to camps.

Tanzania Safari

Tarangire Safari Prices (US$ 50 – US$ 600)

  • Entrance Fees: Peak Season costs $50 USD,  Low Season Costs $ 45 USD per person
  • 1 Day Safari Tarangire Costs from $200 USD
  • 2 Day Tarangire safari Costs from $400 USD
  • 3 Day Tarangire Safari Costs from $600 USD

Lake Manyara Safari Prices(US$ 50 – US$ 620)

  • Entrance Fees: Peak Season costs $50 USD,  Low Season Costs $ 45 USD per person
  • 1 Day Safari Lake Manyara Costs from $200 USD
  • 2 Day Manyara safari Costs from : $450 USD
  • 3 Day Manyara Safari Costs from: $620 USD

Selous (Nyerere National Park) Prices (US$ 70– US$ 730)

  • Entrance Fees: Peak Season costs $70 USD,  Low Season Costs $ 60 USD per person
  • 1 Day Safari Nyerere Costs From : $450 USD
  • 2 Day Nyerere safari Costs from : $610 USD
  • 3 Day Nyerere Safari Costs from: $730 USD

Selous Game Reserve covers an area of over 50,000 sq km; this makes it one of the largest protected areas in the world Africa’s oldest and largest game reserves; it is endowed with beautiful scenery. The reserve is shared among five regions of Tanzania; this means it covers 5% of Tanzania’s land area. Selous is an excellent safari destination for both African honeymoons and family safaris- it is home to different animals with a high concentration of buffaloes and elephants. Other animals are Leopards, giraffes, wild dogs, crocodiles, lions, antelopes, wildebeest, hippos, and a high concentration of birds.

Enjoy activities while here such as boating safari on the Rufiji River whereby you will have chances of seeing a variety of flora and fauna. Other activities are fly camping, nature walks, and game drives.

Where to stay, there are various accommodation facilities ranging from luxurious lodges to camps such as Azura Selous Game Reserve,  Selous Serena Camp, Selous Kinga Lodge, Selous Wilderness Camp, Selous Butembo Lodge & Camp Site, Selous Ngalawa Camp, and Lake Manze Tented Camp. Book and enjoy game viewing at Selous today!

Mtemere Gate Selous

Mahale Mountains National Park Prices (US$ 80 – US$  5767)

  • Entrance Fees:  costs $80 USD
  • 4 Days Mahale Mountains Chimpanzee Trekking Costs $ 2580 USD per person.
  • 7 Days Mahale & Gombe Stream National Park Costs $5767 USD Per Person.

Arusha National Park (US$ 50 – US$  230)

  • Entrance Fees: Peak Season costs $50 USD,  Low Season Costs $ 45 USD per person
  • 1 Day Safari To Arusha Costs $ 185 USD Per Person
  • 4 Day Horse Riding in Arusha Costs $ 4000 USD Per Person
  • 1 Day Cycling Tour to Arusha National Park Costs $ 230 USD Per Person

Ruaha National Park Costs (US$ 30– US$ 1400)

  • Entrance Fees: Peak Season costs $30 USD
  • 6 Days Safari To Ruaha & Mikumi Costs $1400 USD Per Person

Gombe Stream National Park (US$ 100 – US$  1300)

  • Entrance Fees: costs $100 USD
  • 3 Day Chimpanzee Trekking Gombe Costs $ 1300 Per Person

Katavi National Park (US$ 30 –  4511US$)

  • Entrance Fees: Peak Season costs $30 USD
  • 9 Day Safari including Katavi, Mahale Mountains & Gombe National Parks costs $ 4511 USD Per Person.

The places that you are going to see will also affect the cost of the safari. Tourists normally go to the different National Parks that are found in Tanzania and these have entrance fees that are paid and these vary according to the National Park that you are going to visit. Note that the more places you plan to visit, the more money you are bound to spend on your safari.

The Southern Circuit Safari Costs

The southern circuit safari in Tanzania is one of the hard places to get to make it an expensive trip to take. Some of the National Parks that are found here include the Selous Game Reserve, Katavi National Park, Ruaha National Park, and the Mahale National Park. Children below the age of 5 years always have a free entrance to all these parks, adults pay $80 at Mahale and teenagers pay $20. Meanwhile, at Ruaha, Katavi, and Selous, adults pay $30, children from 5 to 15 years pay $10 while those below 5 years have free entrance.

The Northern Circuit Safari Costs

The Northern circuit is the most visited part of Tanzania due to the famous Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire National Parks. Although the southern circuit safari is expensive, the Northern circuit is more due to the numerous activities that the trip offers to tourists. In both Serengeti and Ngorongoro, adults pay $60, 5 to 15 years pay $20 whereas children below 5 years have a free entrance ticket. Tarangire and Lake Manyara, children below 5 years do not pay, adults pay $45 whereas children of 5 to 15 years pay $15.

The above-stated prices are likely to change due to different factors and they are only used for 24 hours only. They also are exclusive of camping fees, permit fees, and transportation.

Tanzania Safari Prices By Activities

A safari is almost incomplete without engaging in the game drives that are scattered all over the country. However there are other activities that you can engage in and these are birding, balloon rides, guided walks, cultural tours to the rural areas of Tanzania, mountain trekking, relaxing at the beaches, and many more others.


Tanzania is the most visited wildlife safari destination in Africa. Lots of tourist activities in Tanzania cover wildlife viewing, game drives, and witnessing the big five animals.

Photo Safaris(US$ 750 – US$ 1200)

A photo Safari in Tanzania Costs between $750 to $1200 USD per person per day.
Tanzania Photographic safari

  • 7 Day Photographic Safari: $ 2400 USD
  • 10 Day Classic Photo Safari: $4900 USD

Photographic safaris are best carried out during the green season which is experienced from November to April and this is because the lighting during this period is good. Cost includes meals, transportation, an experienced and professional photographer as a tour guide, and accommodation.

Birding Safaris(US$ 400 – US$ 600)

Costing between $4oo and $600 USD per day, a birding safari in Tanzania is done during the green season (November to April) when the rainy season starts. Tanzania is home to over 1000 bird species and these include migratory birds that fly into the county when the rains start, 43 near-endemic bird species, 22 endemic bird species, and over 800 local species.Birding Safari

Birding in Tanzania can be done in any of the National Parks that are located in the country and some of the birding destinations that you should check out include the Ruaha National Park, Usambara Mountains, and the Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro crater which is home to the pink flamingo, Serengeti, and Lake Manyara National park.

Cultural Experience Tours(US$ 50 – US$ 300 )

Tanzania Cultural Safari (Walking) Costs: $ 50 USD Per Day

3 Day Migration & Masai Cultural Safari: $ 800 USD per Person
4 Day Wildlife & Selous Cultural Safaris: $ 900 USD per Person
6 Day Tanzania Cultural Safari Costs: $ 2300 USD Per Person
9 Day Wildlife & Cultural Experience: $ 2200 USD per Person
14 Day Big Five Animals, Cultural Tours & Zanzibar: $ 3710 USD per Person

The most entertaining cultural tour in Tanzania is carried out in Masai land. A cultural safari costs between $30 and $40 and with this amount, you get to visit the famous Masai villages where you will learn more about their culture that is how they hunt, their language, and gets to enjoy an evening filled with dance and music with the locals. Other tribes to visit include the Hadzabe tribe,  Datoga tribe, Sukuma, Iraqw, and Swahili.

Have a cultural tour of the Maasai communities. The Masai origins are not well traced but their families and history have existed for over 2000 years, Maasai is a world-renowned Nilotic ethnic group staying in the North of Tanzania and Southern Kenya, the mainly live near National Parks. They speak a language called ‘Maa’ and the Maasai were famous for their unique dressing code and customs.

Balloon Safaris(US$ 550– US$ 600)

These are normally carried out in Tarangire and Serengeti National Park and an air balloon safari costs $550. It is one of the ways that you can get an overhead picture of the wildebeest migration in Serengeti and get a clear view of both National Parks from above.

Balloon Safari

Boating & Canoeing (US$ 40 – US$ 60)

Duration: 3 Hours
Canoeing on Lake Manyara Price: $40 USD Per Person
Canoeing on Lake Momella(Arusha National Park) Price: $60 USD Per Person.
Experiencing various wildlife in Tanzania, see giant crocodiles, fish, hippos, as well as other animals on shores like elephants, hogs, bushbuck, and giraffes.

Wildebeest Migration Safari(US$ 60 – US$ 3805)

Migration Safari Price: $60 USD per person per day
5 Days Private Wildebeests Tour Price: $ 2552 pp
6 Day Serengeti Wildebeest Safari: $ 1540 pp
7 Day Western Migration Safari Price: $ 2615 pp
8 Days Great Migration Safari: $ 2180 pp
9 Day Migration Safari: $ 3805 pp

Between the months of May to July, the wildebeests start on a great trek, over 1.5 million of them, between Masai Mara and Serengeti plains. You need at least a safari of 4 days to enjoy the Migration Safari.

Diving & Snorkelling Trips(US$ 33– US$ 45)

Scuba Diving in Tanzania Costs: $45 USD on average.
Mnemba Island Snorkeling Costs: $ 33 USD
Swimming With Turtles: $42 USD

Scuba diving destinations in Tanzania include Pemba Island, Zanzibar Island, Mnemba Atoll, Mafia, Mesali Island, Leven Bank, Lake Tanganyika, and Sea Cliff resorts. Mafia Island is among the Zanzibar Archipelago which includes other islands like Unguja, Latham, and Pemba. Mafia is an incredible place that attracts snorkelers, game fishermen, scuba divers, and people who just want to relax from all over the world to come and experience life under and on the sea, this is protected by the Mafia Island Marine Park- the Island and all activities are managed from the mainland. The economy on this island is based on the market in Kilindoni, fishing, and subsistence agriculture.

Mafia is an amazing place for those interested in deep-sea fishing such as sailfish, marlin, tuna fish, and others. There are beautiful coral gardens and a variety of fish owned by the Marine Island Park. This place also is a breeding place for green turtles however they are about to be extinct, there are over 400 fish species and very many bird species, it is a wonderful and unforgettable time spent on mafia island. Activities like Scuba diving are best done from October to March; there are heavy rains in the months of March and April so it’s not mainly advisable to scuba dive during this time and the best weather on the Island is from May to October.

Hiking & Walking Safaris (US$160 – US$ 180)

Walking Safari Cost in Tanzania: Average of $ 180 USD per person per day

1 Day Trip To Arusha National Park Family & Walking: $ 185 USD pp
1 Day Materuni Waterfalls & Chemka Hotsprings:  $ 160 USD pp
3 Day Selous Walking & Village Tour: From $ 495 USD pp
4 Day Ngorongoro Crater Rim & Trekking:  $ 1380 USD pp
7 Days Maasai Bush land & Rift Valley Treks:  $ 1850 USD pp

Walking safaris in Tanzania are popular. The law indicates only less than 6 tourists per walk, accompanied by an armed ranger. Katavi National Park, Nyerere National Park, Ruaha, Serengeti, and Tarangire top the list of walking destinations in Tanzania.

Chimpanzee Trekking In Tanzania (US$1050 – US$1300)

Chimpanzee Safari Costs:

3 Day Chimpanzee Trekking Gombe: $1300 USD pp
4 Day Gombe Jane Goodall Chimps: $1050 USD pp
9 Days Katavi, Mahale & Gombe Chimps: $4512 USD pp
6 Days Gombe Stream & Mahale Chimpanzee: $ 3480 USD pp

Chimpanzees are found in the Mahale Mountains National Park and Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. about 2,500 chimpanzees are found in Tanzania.

Historic Sites Tours Tanzania (US$ 35 – US$ 90)

Olduvai Gorge costs $ 35 USD per Person.
Visiting Kilwa Kisiwani Costs $ 148 USD per Person.
Bagamoyo Trip Costs $ 60 to 90 USD per day.
Among the most popular historical sites in Tanzania include Olduvai Gorge, Kilwa Kisiwani, Mbozi Meteorite,  Bagamoyo town, Stone Town, Prison Island, The old Fort of Ngome Kongwe, Old Slave Market, and the Hamamni Persian Baths.

The Olduvai Gorge is one of the most important archeological sites in Tanzania its original name was ‘Oldupai’ but was wrongly spelled as ‘Olduvai’. It is located in the East of Serengeti plains around Arusha, there were research programs established to find out more about the human evolution in this place. It is found on a series of fault lines and was formed by erosion; it is among the Serengeti migratory ecosystem.

Olduvai Gorge contains the oldest and well-kept archaeological records about human evolution. This is so because a German professor discovered some fossil bones in 1911 while searching for butterflies in the gorge. Later as the research went on various bones, skull fragments were collected and a skull and is said to be over 2 million years old and different hunting tools and weapons close to 1.5 million years are also in this gorge. A visit to the Olduvai gorge is interesting- You will also get to see the popular footprints of a woman, a man, and a child at Laetoli which confirms what is said that at least 3 people lived there over 2 million years ago. Visit the Olduvai Gorge today, learn more and be a part of history!

Beach Holidays (US$ 750 – US$ 2020)

3 Day Zanzibar Beach Experience: $ 750 USD pp
8 Day Safari Tanzania & Beach: $ 2020 USD pp
11 Days Northern Tanzania Safari & Zanzibar Beach Holidays: $ 2960 USD pp

This archipelago in the Indian Ocean is comprised of Zanzibar and Pemba islands. Zanzibar Island is also called ‘Unguja’. Zanzibar is more like a small slice of paradise with various numbers of white sand beaches and resorts which makes it a major holiday destination. There is nothing as amazing as surfing, sailing on traditional boats and diving in ocean waters- there are great scenic views in Zanzibar such as the sun sets, the coral reefs, and lagoons also you can’t miss out on the dolphins, manta rays, and turtles.

Zanzibar Holiday

Zanzibar is also an amazing place concerning history since it was the major center of the slave trade during the 1800s. While in Zanzibar visit Stone Town; it is located in the center of Zanzibar and is regarded as the world’s oldest Swahili city- It was built in the 19th Century, so those interested in history will have a great time seeing ancient Arabian buildings, narrow streets. Visitors will have a chance to see some historic buildings which are now museums, there are also old churches like the Anglican church, other things to see are the Beit el-Amani, Central Darajani Market, Beit el-Sahel which is the former home of the sultans, the Old Dispensary with engraved balconies made of wood, Old Fort among others.

Horseback Safaris Tanzania(US$ 4000 – US$ 9000 )

3 Days Horseback Safari Serengeti:
4 Days Arusha National Park Riding: $ 4000 USD Per Person
7 Days Kilimanjaro Horse Riding: $ USD 6100 Per Person
8 Days Lake Natron Safari: $7900 USD Per Person.
8 Days Serengeti Migration Ride: $ 9000 USD Per Person.

Visit Serengeti for a great wildlife experience, watch the stunning Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Natron, and Zanzibar. Visiting during the migration of the wildebeest is a very rewarding experience.

Cycling Safari Tours(US$ 240 – US$  3800)

1 Day Arusha Cycling Tour: $ 240 USD Per Person.
5 Day Cycling in Ngorongoro & Kilimanjaro: $ 3500 USD Per Person.
10 Day Biking Safari & Tanzania game drive: $ 3800 USD per Person.

Tanzania Festival Safari

Safari Festival Costs: $60 USD per person
Tanzania is a multi-cultural country with different cultures that everyone has to experience while in the country. Some of the most commonly celebrated festivals in the country are the Ramadan holiday where Muslims in the country fast and on Eid, a big celebration is carried out. During the celebrations which are mostly done in Zanzibar, you get to enjoy the colorful music and food prepared by the locals. Another festival that is a must-attend is the Sauti Za Busara festival and this is where the locals celebrate all the music that is played in the country from Bongo music, pop, jazz to the Tarab. You need to book in advance for the tickets which go for $60 and $120 per person for both the locals and international tourists respectively.

The Mwaka Kogwa festival which is celebrated in July on Zanzibar Island is a must-attend. It is a four-day event and men are seen resolving issues using banana leaves and on the fourth day, they are burnt to symbolize the beginning of a new year.

Other festivals that are a must-attend include the Bagamoyo Arts festival, Zanzibar film festival, Kilimanjaro annual marathon, Serengeti cultural festival, the Nyama Choma festival, and the Kiliman adventure challenge.

How Much Does Transport Cost On A Safari?

Transportation in Tanzania safaris is mostly done using 4×4 van because of the poor roads that are found in the National Parks. Itineraries are different compared to which tour operator you are using and in most cases, the itinerary determines which type of transport you are going to use o your safari. You will either have to drive to the various destinations although there are those that are hard to get to which means that you will be forced to use inbound flights. Although the inbound flights are faster and save you from bumpy roads and long tiring journeys, they are quite expensive. Therefore if you are on a budget, it is better if you drive to different destinations.

Transport also includes the style of the safari that you want to take. The style of the safari means the way that you are going to move around the different places within the country. There are three options that you can try out and these have been listed below.

  • Self-drives, a self-drive is best for all those who are traveling on a budget because it reduces the cost of a driver-guide.
  • Fly-ins, are quite expensive but the best to use especially those that are in hurry. You get to use the charter planes that are available to travel from one camp to the next.
  • Private drive-in normally works if you are only two in the tour van. You will get ample time to visit all the places that you want although it also does not come cheap.

Tanzania Safari Transport Vehicles

Hotel Accommodation Safari Costs In Tanzania(US$ 50 – US$ 1500)

This is one of the most important factors that will determine the cost of your safari to Tanzania. Note that the quality of the accommodation facilities that you choose in your itinerary will greatly affect the cost of your safari. There are different types of accommodation facilities and these are categorized into three that is the budget-friendly accommodation facilities which are normally used by those that are on a budget, the mid-range accommodation facilities, and the luxury accommodation facilities which are used by tourists who put in their all in order to have the best while on a safari.

Basic accommodation facilities
The basic accommodation facilities are the best to use especially if a person is traveling on a budget. There are private tents that you get to sleep in and these are found in the recommended campsite near the tourist destinations. All the food is provided and the facilities include washrooms and bathrooms. Some of the basic facilities do not have electricity and use solar but in case there is no solar, a campfire is built.Camping Safari In Tanzania

The mid-range accommodation facilities
The mid-range accommodation facilities have both the tented camps and lodges. The tented camps are either permanent or semi-permanent and they are constructed using local materials. Tented camps can house more than 20 people as compared to lodges and they also offer high-quality services, for example, the food is better compared to basic, the rooms have private washrooms, they are spacious and you get a permanent bed as well. The lodges on the other hand are also made using local material and they offer private bathrooms, the food is got from the restaurant and their facilities are far better as compared to the basic facilities.
Approximate pricing of the mid-range accommodation facilities in the different parts of Tanzania
Accommodation type plan
Serengeti North $300 per person Full board
Arusha $80 per person Bed and breakfast
Ngorongoro $300 per person Full board
Serengeti South $300 per person Full board
Serengeti central $280 per person Full board
Karatu $150 per person Full board

Luxury accommodation facilities
The luxury accommodation is almost the same as the mid-range facilities and the difference between the two is the level at which services are offered. They are expensive but with the way you will be treated while here, you will realize that the money spent is worth the services provided.

When To Visit Tanzania And The Cost Implication

When should I visit Tanzania for my safari? Well, it is a good thing for all those intending to take on Tanzania in a safari adventure to always ask this question as it will also determine the cost of the safari.

The dry season is also known as the peak season ( June to October) as this is when large crowds of tourists can be seen in the various safari destinations and this is also the time to experience the great wildebeest migration. During the peak season, everything is hiked making the safari costs high. During the wildebeest migration in Serengeti, the prices of everything go up increasing the cost of the safari and this is normally witnessed from July to August.

The rainy season comes with the calving of many of the animals and it is also the best time for birding. The rains come in intensively during the months of April and May causing many roads and National Parks to have few tourists and this is why it is known as the low season. The low season is the best time for all tourists who are on a budget since the costs of everything ranging from accommodation, transport, and many more others are reduced.

  • The peak season experienced from June to October is the best time but costs will be high.
  • The low season which is in November, March to May has an almost 40% reduction on the costs.
  • Mid-season experienced in February, June, and January has a 20% reduction on the safari cost.

Time of the year

  • Budget-friendly facilities
  • Mid-range
  • luxury

Peak season( July to October)

  • $400-$565
  • $620-4850
  • $1000-$1500

Low season( April to May)

  • $400-$475
  • $600-$700
    The cost here varies as most of the accommodation facilities are always closed.
    Beginning of the rainy/low season( November to March)
  • $430-$550
  • $550-$750
  • $800-$1000.

NB: The accommodation prices also increase during the holidays especially Christmas and New Year seasons.

Duration Of The Safari

The length of your safari will highly determine the cost of your safari that is the more days you want to spend on a safari, the more expensive it will be, and the fewer the days, the cheaper the safari. For all those that would want to spend more days but on a limited budget, the best thing to do is to go for budget accommodation facilities or try out the low seasons when all costs are reduced and that is why most tourists take on a 3 to 4 days safari in order to reduce on the costs. If you want to increase the number of days then you should try and do the following:

  • Make sure that you visit Tanzania during the low season also known as the green season because, during this time, the costs of accommodation, transport, and the rest are always reduced.
  • Choose the basic accommodation facility type because this will help you reduce the costs.
  • Try traveling in groups and not alone. This will reduce the costs in a way that you will share the cost of the safari with the rest of the group. Note that during Covid 19, group travel is discouraged by many safari companies and governments.
  • The number of people traveling. The safari cost increases when you are traveling alone because you cover all the costs from the accommodation, park fees, the tour guide, and the vehicle servicing. Therefore it is advisable that you travel in groups so that the costs are shared amongst yourselves.

Tanzania Safari Types

There are three different types of safari types which are group safaris, private safaris, and self-drive safaris. If you are traveling on a strict budget, the best safari type that you can use is the group safari and if you want to go all out on the expense side, then the private and self-drive type of safari suits you well.

The best way for one to travel without worry is if you first calculate the daily costs that you will spend while on a safari as this will help you get the perfect safari type to use. While calculating what you are to spend per day, you should also find out the duration of your stay and see whether it fits into your budget or not.

Private Tanzania Safaris (US$ 350 – US$ 600)

The cost of a private safari in Tanzania depends on a number of factors that as the places that you want to visit while on your safari and the size of the group of people involved in the safari. Going for about $350 to $600 per day for each person in the group, this is not the cheapest way for one to enjoy a safari while in Tanzania. The time that you are willing to spend while on a private safari will also make a difference to the cost of your safari for example if you are planning on spending more than five days, the cost will be high but if you are on a budget, then the cost will be low if you spend a few days in Tanzania.

The style of travel chosen (accommodation) will also greatly impact the costs of a private safari in Tanzania. The type of accommodation facilities that you can use while on a private safari include the basic accommodation facilities which involve basic camping around the National Parks and with these, each person will at least have to pay about $350 per day.

The basic camping package includes tents, meals, a tour guide, the activities to be carried out, water, all camping equipment, and transport. The net type of accommodation is mobile camping and this tentatively costs around $500 per day for each person. You will need to book in advance for this type and some of the services offered here include mobile tents, more comfort as compared to the basic camps, meals, a tour guide, and camping equipment.

The first factor that affects private safari costs is the destination that is the game parks that you want to visit on your safari. Each safari destination has a different cost entrance fee attached to it which means that the more safari destinations you plan to visit, the more the costs are going to increase. The second factor that affects the cost of private safaris is the number of people who are traveling together. For example, if you are traveling in a group of 20 people, the cost will be greatly reduced because most of the fees will be shared amongst the group as compared to when you are traveling in a group of only two people. Below is an example of the size of the travel group and how the costs vary on a 6-day shared safari in Tanzania.

  • In a group of 2 people, each person will pay about $400 per day.
  • 6 people will each pay around $250 per day
  • 4 people will each pay $300 per day. These are just estimates but they clearly show the big difference in costs that the size of a group makes.

You can as well spend about $600 or more per person on a private safari but this can be reduced especially if you are traveling in the low season.

The Luxury Safari Type(US$ 500– US$ 1400 ) Per Day

The luxury safari type is also affected by the seasons that is during the low season, a luxury safari lodge can go for as low as $500 and during the peak season, it goes beyond $1400 depending on the luxury lodge that you want to use as your accommodation during your stay. Luxury lodges start from 4-star hotels to 5-star hotels and the more comfortable you want, the more money you will spend on your trip. To get a better listing for the best luxury lodge to use, contact us and get the best recommendations.

Tanzania Budget Safari (US$ 80 – US$  200)

Tanzania budget safari is the cheapest safari type and is best for all tourists who have a low budget while traveling. The accommodation here is extremely basic with tents being placed on the ground for tourists, a washroom is available but in most cases, electricity is not available. There are also both semi-permanent and permanent camps available but you will have to share the bathrooms and toilets. With a budget safari, you can go as low as $80 to $ 200 per day on a budget safari type.

Additional Costs On A Tanzania Safari

There are several other activities that you should also budget for a while on a safari to Tanzania and these include the following:

 Visa Fees

Tanzania visa costs US$100.
The Tanzanian visas which are got by tourists can be used in both Tanzania and Zanzibar. For the nationals, the visa can be got at the border for $50 and it is valid for 90 days with a single entry into the country while tourists with US citizenship can get the Visa for $100 only and this is valid for 12 months and one can use it for multiple entries into the country. Tourists with South African citizenship do not need a visa to explore Tanzania.


Tipping is about $10 USD and more.
Tipping in Tanzania is like culture and the staff that will be at your beck and call will expect a tip from you. Some accommodation facilities have tipping boxes that are placed at the reception area and it is only polite for you to at least leave something in the box at the end of your stay. The group of people that you should consider while tipping include tour guides, porters, and chefs especially if you are into private camping and staff at the accommodation facilities.

Travel Insurance

Tanzania safari travel insurance costs about $ 100 USD.
Anyone who is traveling through Africa knows that they need travel insurance and the same applies to Tanzania. You will need to get an insurance policy that covers the whole of your stay in the country and the most important things it should cover include theft, cancellation of either flights or the tour operator, sickness among others.

Laundry Costs

Laundry services are offered to tourists at the various recommended accommodation facilities but they come at a cost, about $20 USD


Whereas food and water during game drives are provided by us, other drinks and their costs have to come from you for example wine, beer, whiskeys, and the rest. Most accommodation facilities have a bar and you are free to enjoy all that they have to offer but you have to pay for it as it is not part of the itinerary. About $ 30 USD per day should be enough for a whisky lover. Water costs less than a dollar.

Other East African Safaris

Traveling to Tanzania is quite expensive and in order for tourists to enjoy their safari, some add on other destinations as per activity to extend their safari. Some of the favorite destinations for tourists include Uganda where you get to enjoy gorilla trekking in the Bwindi, exploring the Island of Zanzibar, traveling to Kenya to enjoy the wildebeest migration in Masai Mara, and taking guided walks and treks around the Mountains of Tanzania.

Exploring Kenya

Average Kenya safari costs: USD 180 Per Person Per Day
Kenya is very close to Tanzania and a flight to the country will give you a chance to compare the wildebeest migration between Serengeti in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya. You also get to explore other tourist attractions in Kenya while on a safari to Tanzania.

Gorilla Trekking In Uganda And Rwanda (US$ 700– US$ 1500 )

Uganda gorilla safari costs: $ 700 USD per gorilla permit
Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permit costs: $1500 USD per person per day.
Once you get the opportunity of traveling to Tanzania, do not miss out on joining the safari with a gorilla trek in Uganda and Rwanda. You can easily join the trips by taking a flight to either country and getting to have some quality time with the gorillas in either one of the countries. Note that if you want to enjoy gorilla trekking on your Tanzania trip, you need to book the gorilla permits in advance because a limited number is issued per year.

Tanzania is a dream destination for many people around the world because it has a lot to offer to the different tourists in form of UNESCO heritage sites, National Parks, cultural tours around the country to mention but a few. The word safari means a long journey and it was used by the Arabs during the trade days at the cost. One of the frequently asked questions for someone who is new to safaris will be ‘how much is a safari to Tanzania?’. If this is the question that you have been having on your mind, then this is the right place to be because all your worries will be put to rest so that you start planning your trip accordingly.

The two main factors that greatly affect the cost of a safari and are the time you are going to spend on your safari and the type of safari that you choose. Other factors that also affect the safari cost include the destination, the seasons that you have planned your trip, international flights, tips, and other small costs that come with traveling. The type of safari covers a lot from the accommodation, transport, and the number of people participating and the level of services that you want to use.

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