Tanzania Day Trips

Our day trips to Tanzania begin in Arusha or in Moshi. The excursions are ideal: you can explore the national park in a short time by seeing the great variety of wildlife or witnessing the daily life of Tanzania’s indigenous people. You can pick if you want to drop off at Kilimanjaro International Airport, Arusha Airport, or your hotel at the end of the day ride.
A picnic lunch (lunch box) and mineral water are provided on all day trips.

Arusha National Park Day Trip

In Northern Tanzania, Arusha National Park is the only park where you can encounter a walking safari. Arusha National Park trip means a light walk with a ranger. You’re going to be walking through the tropical forest, watching animals outside the vehicle. The most impressive thing is that you’ll be able to trek up to the Meru Crater (Tanzania’s second-highest peak and Africa’s fifth highest peak), which is right in the park.

Arusha National Park Day Trip

Arusha National Park is less visited than the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, but if you want a spectacular landscape with an amazing range of flora and fauna, but fewer people, it is for you!

This is a wonderful experience that is worth adding to your adventures in Tanzania. A jeep will take you to the farthest section of the park after the walking safari, the Momela Lakes, where you will see pink flamingos and several other animals on your way.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Day Hike

Kilimanjaro Hike Day Trip

Enjoy a short trip to Mount Kilimanjaro, ideal for those who have little time but want to get the Kilimanjaro taste. Experience beautiful scenery, spectacular landscapes, and keep your eyes open for monkeys and species of native birds.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready for a complete Kilimanjaro journey, you may want to take the Marangu route on one of our shorter Kilimanjaro trips. It would only be enough for one or two days on the mountain to give you a complete image of what it takes to be part of a Kilimanjaro trekking expedition.

If you travel with kids who are not ready for the full hike yet, or if your holiday is too short, this adventure is great, but you still want to enjoy the journey.

You can enter the lower Kilimanjaro camps on these hikes, delve through the untouched tropical wilderness and see spectacular landscapes all around. Marangu is the home of black-and-white colobuses living in the branches of tropical trees growing along the trail, the trail taken by the first Kilimanjaro explorers.

A one-day trip takes you to Mandara Hut and back to the gateway to the entrance. A more immersive trip with an overnight stay at Mandara Hut, followed by a hike towards Horombo Hut Camp or Maundi Crater, is a two-day option. Overall, where wildlife and local culture combine, it is a short, but fascinating adventure.

Tarangire National Park Day Trip

Tarangire Day Trip

Tarangire National Park has something really unique. It’s one of the smaller parks in Tanzania (dare we say boutique?), but don’t let it fool you with its scale. Tarangire National Park is full of a stunning variety of awe-inspiring scenery, great skies, and, yes, you’ll see an incredible array of wildlife.

Tarangire National Park is mostly famous for the abundance of old baobabs and large elephant families gathering in the vicinity of the Tarangire River, the main water source. The Tarangire is home to zebras, giraffes, hyenas, wart-hogs, buffalo, and many other predators and ungulates, in addition to baby elephants and their kin.

For bird lovers, the park would also be a treat. There are enough opportunities for bird watching for over 600 bird species living in the Tarangire National Park: brightly plumaged yellow-necked spurfowls, white-crowned shrikes, and black-necked weavers are among the most frequent sightings here.

Our Elephant Spectacular Day Trip will carry you these magnificent animals up close and personal. It’s also a perfect safari for tasters; if you’re new to Tanzania, this day trip is a great way to prepare for longer safaris.

Lake Chala Trip

Lake Chala Day Trip

Lake Chala is a crater lake in a caldera on the eastern edge of Kilimanjaro, on the border of Tanzania and Kenya. For visitors who like panoramic views and peaceful leisure, this place is a genuine discovery.

You will find yourself at the edge of the crater in the morning, after your move to the lake, to see the wonderful views of the tropical forest and the lake. You are extremely likely to see baboons on the way to the pool. You should go canoeing on the lake, relishing the magnificent nature of Africa. Afterward, your lunch will be prepared. You can see Mout Kilimanjaro in all its glory on the way back to the hotel.

Materuni Waterfall and Coffee Plantation Trip

Materuni Day Trip

A visit to the village and waterfalls of Materuni is a perfect way to spend a day away from the bustle of city life. An insight into the nature of Tanzania is provided by the walk to Materuni Waterfall, allowing you to either brace your body for the next climb to Kilimanjaro or ease your muscles after the climb.

The tour begins with a walk to Waterfall Materuni. It is an opportunity to see the production of local fruits such as avocados, mangoes, lemons, and bananas, as well as to learn about local culture, customs, village economy, agricultural and cultural life. You should refresh yourself in the natural pool when you get to the waterfall, so swimsuits can come in handy!

The tour will conclude with a visit to the coffee plantations located in the local village. The villagers will explain the coffee farming process and direct you from a bean to a cup through the preparation of coffee. Together with the Chaga boys, they sing and dance as they grind, roast, and boil the beans. Villagers will serve lunch when the coffee is ready – a national Chagga meal.

Chemka Hot Springs (Kikuletwa) Trip

Chemka Day Trip

In the midst of the Tanzanian savannah, Maji Moto, locally known as Kikuletwa Hotsprings, is a paradise oasis, offering captivating, Bounty-styled views, crystal-clean water, and thick vegetation around it. Located 2 hours’ drive from Moshi, the main region’s for climbing hub. You are a bit of heaven perfect for a journey, and the warm blue waters invite you to relax, swim or explore. Revival regeneration, revitalization, and relaxation. Chemka Hot Springs is the perfect place to visit after a Kilimanjaro hike or a safari adventure.

Ngorongoro Crater Day Trip

Many consider Ngorongoro Crater to be the eighth wondrous of the world. Its crater wall is about 600 meters and the ground has about 300 km2 and a large group of resident animals is on the crater floor, with the exception of only a small number migrating in and out of the crater, like wildebeest and zebra. Ngorongoro is one of the few places in the World where black rhino leaves. Hippos, topi, buffalo, elephant, lion, cheetah, leopard, hyenas, and other species can be expected to be spotted.

Ngorongoro Crater

The crater floors are rich with birds and aquatic birds, with Egyptian geese, ibises, flamingos, blacksmith plovers, wavers, herons, and other species. Birdlife is a rich life in the crater. In a one-day game drive, you can spot the Tanzanian “Big Five” with a little luck in the Crater.


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