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Climbing Kilimanjaro On A Budget

Absolutely it is possible to climb Mount Kilimanjaro at a low cost. Do not hesitate with the budget you have now because one way or another can do something and you can achieve your goal. Don’t be afraid to hear that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is too expensive, there is a reason for the cost to be high.

The cost of government is the first factor that makes the cost of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to be expensive. The other thing could be companies that offer this service. The main reason of these companies may be the quality of the service and perhaps your recommendation. Route options are also one of the reasons for the high cost, there are at least 6 routes on Mount Kilimanjaro that are used for climbing from 5 days to 9 days depending on the route you choose.

There is also the possibility of the cost being low, the only thing that can help you is to join into a group of at least four people and above and the cost will be cheap as your wish budget. Why do I say this is because the cost of one or two to three people will still be expensive. Maybe think about the cost of accommodation, transport, food, mountain fees, and so much more you will have the correct answer that climbing Kilimanjaro on your own is costly compared to that of joining group. This means that for many other things you will contribute except that the mountain fee is the only one that is independent but the others are for sharing the number you have in a group. How much does climbing Kilimanjaro cost?

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