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Culture Tour

Culture Tour

Cultural tours are designed for people of every age group including families. They are intended to bring people together from extremely different cultural backgrounds. Cultural safaris provide the opportunity for interaction between guests and hosts through participating in the way of the life of indigenous African bush communities.

Zaita Tours have developed strong relationships with several traditional ethnic /tribal-based communities in the Serengeti including hunter-gatherers, agriculturalists, and pastoralists. Cultural visits are fascinating and raise questions that usually cause the visitor to reflect on, re-examine and clarify their own value systems. Cultural Safaris are usually blended in with other Serengeti activities such as game viewing and adventure activities but arrangements can be made to spend more time and even overnights with these fascinating and colorful pre-modern communities, allowing for a more intensive and in-depth cultural experience.

Zaita Tours build individual itineraries to avoid standard tour circuits. We also provide guests with an opportunity to design their own safari program which enables blending a range of activities including wildlife viewing, cultural experience, and recreational activities such as canoeing, trekking, biking and beach holidays. Through our tailor made safaris, individuals are able to choose accommodations to fit their budget. Be part of an adventure of a lifetime with Zaita Tours.

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