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Welcome! to Zaita Tours, we are 100% locally owned and Tour Operator in Tanzania. We offer a variety of different affordable tours  to the best ever national parks,conservation areas, and game reserves in Tanzania the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater to  Zanzibar beach holidays for highest class service from budget safari to luxury safari.We also specialize in mountain climbing and trekking services to highest peaks  in Africa the mount Kilimanjaro and mount Meru.

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Affordable Price Guarantee

When we say affordable tours we mean it, each one of our Tanzania tour packages is tailored to your needs and budget – and made to exceed your expectations. According to your demand if you would like to make a trip to spend less money “budget safari” or would like to make an average or high trip “luxury safari“, we will help you in every section. We have selected the best of every Tanzania  safari trips to create great itineraries that offer an unforgettable experience.

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Why choose Zaita Tours?

We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge in the tour services. We provide best service at the lowest price without compromising our high standards. You will spend less money on your journey but you will have the lifetime record. We proud ourselves for having an excellent Ground Support Team. From the moment you arrive to the time of your departure you are in our care.

       Last-Minute Booking

If you are on a last-minute search for the best Tanzania tours, we will help you find what you are looking for. We will work with you in establishing dates, budget and all other last-minute booking, such as Accommodations, Transfers, Group or Private tours.

 Excellent Value for Money

No one likes expensive journey, but loves the best price level according to the type of trip he needs. Our prices are very affordable and competitive, so you are in the right place for considering the quality of your trip and reasonable rate.


24/7 Service!

We are here to assist you throughout your journey whenever you need us seven days a week, send messages to our email anytime and we will respond ASAP with great feedback and best advice for your trip.